Explaining expanders and celebrating marriage!!🥰

💐 Cheers to the Happy Couple! 💐

One of our clinicians tied the knot last month! We were so excited

to welcome back Denise as Mrs. Loyo! If you see her at your next appointment,

make sure to wish her and her husband Paolo congratulations!

Speaking of marriage, Dr. Alex and Cristina headed to North Carolina to
have their own mini marriage retreat! Each year they take some time for themselves
to talk about work and family, make goals for the future, and eat delicious food.
They also visited the Biltmore! We hope their time was restful and rejuvenating! 🙂
🦷 All About Expanders 🦷

What are expanders?

Orthodontists use expanders to help harmonize the width of the upper jaw

to match the lower jaw. Sometimes, lower expanders can be used to treat crowding in younger children.

Where do they go?

Expanders attach to the back teeth across the roof of the mouth, or under the tongue (if lower expansion is needed).

What do they do?

An upper expander slowly widens the upper jaw to optimize function and aesthetics.

Expanders are sometimes used together with braces or clear aligners to encourage

eruption of delayed or impacted teeth (ones that are growing in undesirable directions or locations).

There comes a point when expanders can no longer be used due to growth and development,

which is why it’s helpful to bring in your child for evaluation beginning at age 7.

If you would like Dr. Alex to take a look at your child’s teeth and give you more information,

you can call our office today for a complimentary consultation at 615-869-7277.

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