The calendar says, “It’s FALL!”  We are certainly in the mood for bonfires and pumpkin patches.  In every season, we can’t wait to see your smiling face here at Atlas Orthodontics!  ​​​​
  The profile of an excellent patient includes these characteristics:  
✅ One who takes extra good care of their teeth 
✅ A willing individual who follows the instructions 
for orthodontic care given by our team 
✅ A punctual person who is
on time for each and every visit 
Joe Osborne is our patient of the month for the month of September.  Thank you Joe for being an exemplary, top notch patient!
It’s the pride of Atlas Orthodontics to serve our clients by having friendly and professional team members.  It’s with great pleasure that we introduce two new members of the Atlas Family:  
Lori, a sterilization technician and Mckenzie, a treatment coordinator!  
Next time you visit our office, please be sure to meet our new team members!
It’s apple season–Dr. Alex’s favorite!  What better way to enjoy an apple than with these delicious Apple Pie Filled Crepes?  Sounds yummy, right? If apple picking is in your future, round up some milk, butter, eggs cinnamon, and pastry flour to whip up this delicious recipe!
Atlas Orthodontics has a raw milk drop at the office. If you are interested in joining our raw milk group, please reply to this email. Upon request, we will gladly send you all the details.
Find out about the many health benefits of raw milk here.
Norah was SUPER excited to begin her treatment earlier this month! She wants to be a marine biologist when she grows up. Her favorite holiday is Christmas because, “we get to celebrate Jesus’ birthday.”  Congratulations to Norah on her Atlas Orthodontics journey!

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