💗Happy Sweet 10 Years💗
Anniversary Dinner
Dr. Alex and Cristina celebrated their 10 year (87,660 hours 😉)
anniversary back in April. 🤗
Dr. Alex proposed at Crystal Cove Beach, CA and they got married at Dove Canyon, CA. 🥰
They then spent 2 weeks in Maui for their honeymoon and made a trip
to Romania and Austria to see where Dr. Alex grew up! 😁
Dr. Alex’s 10 Thoughts for Marriage 💗
1. Pray intentionally for your spouse.
2. Keep short accounts and apologize/forgive quickly.
3. Share one prayer request daily with each other.
4. Share your goals and dreams regularly.
5. Every day share one thing you appreciate about your spouse.
6. Go on weekend getaways without the kids.
7. Go to bed together.
8. Give your spouse the benefit of the doubt and think the best of them.
9. Be affectionate in ways you both feel love and connection.
10. Ask your spouse how you can serve them the next day and be sure to do it.
Burpees for Babies
You can do anything for 7 minutes
Have you purchased your tickets?? 🤔
The annual Burpees for Babies event is on Saturday May 14th at 9:30 am!
Participating single means 7 minutes of consistent burpees (breaks at your discretion 😩).
Participating with a partner means 14 minutes with only one partner jumping at a time 💪.
Patients will earn 50 reward points 😲 for participating!
Receive your points by showing us a photo from the event or tagging us on social media. 👍
Save $5 by clicking here to purchase your tickets ahead of time.
Air Doctor
 Air Doctor 
 “According to the EPA, oftentimes indoor air is around
two to five times more polluted than outdoor air.”
May be some of you have noticed the new addition at our front desk! 😀
The big white box behind our front desk workers is our new AirDoctor 5000!
This purifier helps to quietly and automatically filter many contaminants, making the air
better quality for our staff and patients! 👌
If you’re interested in purifying the air in your personal space,
check out the link below to learn more!
👇  👇  👇

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