Does your child need braces? When should they start treatment?
We have answers—but first, some news from our office:

We’re giving a warm welcome to our new front desk coordinator, Livi! 🤗
She’s joining Sally Jo and Jennifer up front answering phones, scheduling,
and serving our patients. For fun facts about Livi, visit our website or Instagram! 😁
Say hi to Livi at your next appointment! 👋🏼

☀️ Summer Getaway ☀️

It’s finally summer! Dr. Alex loves spending time with his family.

They visited the Ark Encounter in Kentucky—and brought back a coffee table book for the office!


When should I bring my child to the orthodontist? 🤔

Dr. Alex likes to start seeing children beginning at age seven.

This makes it easier to identify potential issues that may arise during growth,

and it may prevent more extensive treatment in the future.

When seeing young kids, Dr. Alex looks at the development of teeth,

gums, and bone & facial structures. Indications for early treatment include:

Underbites: bottom teeth stick out in front of top teeth

Severe crowding: not enough space for all teeth

Impactions: tooth is stuck or positioned where it isn’t supposed to be

Crossbites: One or more teeth sticks in or out differently than the rest

Extra/missing teeth

If your child is not showing any of these signs, Dr. Alex still recommends

bringing them in every 6-12 months to monitor their growth and find the right timing

for their treatment, which is especially important for early stages of development.

If you would like Dr. Alex to take a look at your child’s teeth and

give you more information, you can call our office today for a

complimentary consultation at


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