Feeling tender from your braces? We can help! But first, some news from our office…

Office Update (sneak peek!👀)

We are thrilled to announce that we are reopening our office on Old Fort Parkway on May 6th!

Renovations have been progressing beautifully with the help of a dedicated and talented team.

We’re so excited to be back home, but we also can’t wait to show you the new updated look of Atlas Orthodontics…here’s a sneak peek!

An Alexandroni Anniversary

April 7th is Dr. Alex and Cristina’s wedding anniversary!

When asked for some of their favorite things about one another, here’s what they had to share!

Dr. Alex: “Cristina is very persistent; she never gives up.

She’s a great helper, always the person I go to when I need help. I also love that she loves Jesus, and that’s the most important thing.”

Cristina: “I love his love for Jesus and for our family, that’s obviously most important.

He’s also probably one of the funniest people I’ve ever met when he’s not meaning to be!

And, he makes really great food. He goes out of his way to minister to our family through food, and with so much joy.”


🩹 Pain Relief 🩹

Do your teeth feel tender after your adjustment? Here are some things that might help!

Sugar-free gum: Start chewing gum right after your appointment.

This helps massage your teeth, which will relieve some tenderness.

Natural anesthetics: You can use therapeutic-grade essential oils to soothe your teeth.

Mix peppermint or clove oil with a carrier oil (such as olive or coconut),

place a few drops of the mixture on your finger or a cotton ball, and rub it along swollen gums or sore teeth.

* Soft foods: Avoid foods that could make your teeth sensitive after having them adjusted.

Stick to soft foods like smoothies, mashed potatoes, and soup until the tenderness goes away.

Cold water: Sip on an ice-cold cup of water. It can numb the gums enough to relieve some of the tenderness.

Soreness is normal after an adjustment, and can last for a few days after first getting your braces on.

If you are in serious pain, or are still uncomfortable after a few days, call our office at 615-869-7277.

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