The crisp breeze is blowing in all the vibrant colors of fall!  It’s always wonderful to see your cheerful and smiling face at Atlas Orthodontics.  Here are some things that are happening around our neck of the woods!
We are proud to announce that
Noy Jones is our patient of the month!  
An Atlas Orthodontics patient of the month practices excellence in oral hygiene.  They participate with full cooperation in their orthodontic plan and make it on time for all appointments.  Noy has done a beautiful job in these areas!
Congratulations to Noy for being a great patient!
We are so excited for William Breeding as he begins his journey with Dr. Alex and the team!  William is a sweet young man who likes art.  He plans to go to MTSU for graphic design in hopes to be an illustrator for books.
Do you know someone who is interested in orthodontics and has questions about how to get started? 
 Please have them call our office at 615-869-7277 for more details.  
Our desire is to help all patients with a personalized treatment plan!
Need a seasonal recipe to satisfy your pumpkin cravings?  Look no further!  These muffins provide all the perfect fall flavors. This recipe is so tasty but it’s gluten free and low calorie.  Need a vegan option?  No problem–the recipe gives instructions on how to make it vegan friendly!
Click here for the recipe and get ready to bake!
Caroline ended treatment with us this month.  We are sad to see her go but thankful for the laughs.
She came in for her last appointment dressed as a nerd for school!
Congrats on a beautiful smile Caroline!

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