Get ready for a grand re-opening!!

🎉Moving Back!!🎉

Six months later, we are finally headed home! We’re hard at work getting everything ready for you! Here’s a closer peek: 👀

🍦 Opening Week 🍦

We’ve got some special things planned to celebrate our first week back home!

Enjoy some treats and take part in our drawing for a $25 Gift Card to Hattie Jane’s Ice Cream!

Tag @atlasbraces in a post of you or your loved one’s Atlas smile on Facebook or Instagram,

and we will randomly select and notify the winner on May 10th!

Braces Myths

Here are a few common misconceptions about braces, and the truth to set them straight!

I need all my adult teeth to get braces.

Children are able to receive treatment even with their baby teeth!

Dr. Alex sees patients beginning at age 7, as some children benefit from

an expander and limited upper braces before they are ready to receive full braces.

Braces hurt all the time.

Not at all! You can be sore after the first day or after adjustment appointments, but not for longer than a week.

I can’t play sports with braces.

You can continue to play all your favorite sports! Just take an extra precaution by wearing a mouthguard during contact sports.

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