Merry Christmas! Our gift to you is a list of healthy holiday braces tips—just scroll down! 😀

🎄Our Christmas Party🎄
Every year we have our office Christmas party at the Alexandroni home.
This year we decorated ornaments, swapped gifts, and showed off with a
mini talent show! With all the stress that comes with the holidays,
we hope you are stopping to make time for some Christmas cheer!
🦷Atlas in 2023 🦷

We’ve had some pretty big changes this year! Between three new team members,

a wedding, and babies (both born and expected!), there are so many blessings to count!

Above all, we are so grateful to still be serving our patients after the smoke and water damage to our office.

While we await a glorious return to a completely redone office, we continue

to help our patients, old and new, move forward with their treatment.

We cannot thank you enough for how patient and supportive you have been during this time.

It is a pleasure to keep taking care of your wonderful smiles!

Taking care of your Holiday Smile!

Here are some tips for taking care of your smile if you can’t reach us to schedule an appointment during the holidays!

Pokey wires: In a pinch, you can bend the end of the wire with the

blunt end of a toothbrush or try to gently push the wire back in.

 If you feel resistance, stop pushing to avoid a broken bracket.

Runaway retainers: Don’t let your retainers get lost in transit!

Have a designated space for them with the rest of your personal items.

Broken brackets:  If it’s bothering you, stick some wax on it to

keep it from moving around. Call us and leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as we’re back in the office!

Rubber bands: Don’t forget to wear them and help move your teeth to where they need to go!

Sores: To help heal sores, swish some warm salt water in your mouth a couple times a day.

As always, you can call our office at 615-869-7277 for any issue that may arise.

If we don’t pick up, leave a message and we’ll get back to you to solve the problem as soon as we can!

We will be responding to messages and calls December 27-29.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

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