Our New Look

If you haven’t seen our restored office yet, here’s a sneak peek!

🐈  Team Highlight: Nora 🐈

We’re so proud of our team persevering through the “exile” that came after the fire.

This month we’re highlighting Nora, our lab technician! If you have a clear retainer from us,

chances are it was made by her own two hands.

This month marks three years of Nora working at Atlas! We’re so happy to have you Nora!!

Braces Myths, Part 2!

We’re here to set the record–and your teeth–straight.

My braces will set off the metal detector and interfere with electronic signals.

Nope! Not only is the metal extremely lightweight, but the small amount of it is not strong enough to interfere with signals or be detected.

I’m too old to get braces.

We see adults of all ages who desire treatment! It’s never too late.

Once I get my braces off, my teeth will be permanently straight.

After losing the tension of braces, your teeth will start to shift back to their

original position if not kept in place. This is why we make you retainers.

Wearing them every night will keep your smile straight for the rest of your life.

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